Questions and answers

  • How do I enter your competition?

    It’s quite simple, poppet. You just buy one of my special packs of macaroons with the nice prize message on it, find the little code on the wrapper, enter it right here and I’ll let you know straight away if you’ve won.

  • Where do I find my code?

    I’ve sent out a trunk-full of special packs with a nice colourful design on the front saying “WIN!” – so even if you’re a bit short-sighted like me, you won’t miss it. Just look at the wrapper and you’ll spot the 14-digit code right there.

  • My code doesn’t work. What should I do?

    Well, that’s no good at all. The codes are 14 characters long, starting with the letter L and the number 9. If you’re having trouble putting it into the form, make sure you type it exactly as it looks on the wrapper (upper case letters and all).

    If there’s something wrong with your code, I’ll send you a message saying so. And if it turns out you’ve already used it (we’re all a bit forgetful sometimes), I’ll tell you so too. If you’ve got a little over excited and pressed the enter button twice, you might get this message as well. But fret not, duck, because whenever you’ve entered a correct code, I’ll send you an email to let you know if you’ve won or not.

  • Why do you need my details?

    I’m a big one for privacy (my net curtains have changed matters no end), but if you’re one of my lucky winners, I’ll need a few details so I can tell you that you’ve won, and so I can send you your prize.
    Never fear, I shan’t share them with another soul without your complete and utter permission.

  • Why do I have to post in my wrapper to claim the main prize?

    I’ll just want to see your winning wrapper to prove that you bought my macaroons and to keep out any naughty people trying to make a false claim. As some wise person once said, “all’s fair in love and war”, and the same goes for my giveaway.

  • My pack doesn’t have a code. Why not?

    The codes can only be found on certain packs – the ones with a lovely and bright “WIN!” message on the front. They started appearing in shops on Monday 17th June, but some might still be selling a few packs from before then.