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Happy People

"If I wasn’t married to my wife I would marry Mrs Crimble's!"


"When I am feeling down I love to dive into a packet of Mrs Crimble's chocolate brownies they are totally irresistible. I always make sure i have at least 1 box in the cupboard."

Amanda Ward

"I'm a big fan of Mrs Crimbles products, especially the chocolate macaroons. A little bit of luxury at an affordable price. Perfect for those rare quiet moments when the kids are asleep, a little me time and a little pick me up."

Kirsty Batt

"Mrs Crimble's crackers are great. My favourite are the rosemary. I always use them for the cheese board at dinner parties and all my non gluten free friends have loved them! A good brie with rosemary crackers is a winner."

Gemma Jones

"It was only one day while surfing the net that I came across Mrs. Crimble's website and Facebook page.  Their range of food and selections are just fabulous compared to some of the supermarket own brand items in my local store.  The taste, selection and variety are great."

Joanne Jordan

"I have been buying choc macaroons for a while now and cannot find anything that even comes close to these in taste, texture and look, whether gluten free or not. Many thanks Mrs Crimble's."

Jill Donaldson

"I always thought of gluten free foods as lacking in taste and 'not as good as the real thing' - Mrs Crimble's products have certainly set me straight on that front."

Emma Morgan

"We love your cheese crackers and cheese bites but your Salt & Vinegar Potato bites are amazing, so light and crispy."

Karen Wright

"Mrs. Crimble's, you are an amazing woman, thank you. Every morning at work I have a cup of tea with a chocolate macaroon, you really can't do better than that! Keep up the good work!"

Hilary, Guildford

"The chocolate coconut rings... mmmm yum! Thanks for adding flavour to "free" foods."

Louise, Derbyshire

"I’ve finally found the sponge and muffin mix so made the carrot cake you gave a recipe for on here was amazing! Even my daughter and parents who aren't gluten free loved it!

Charlotte, London

"I purchased cranberry macaroons today from Tesco and felt I had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed them. I would have to say that given the choice now between these and the plain or chocolate ones I would pick these. Gluten free diets are not the most fun, so thank you for the new flavour!"


"Whilst out shopping noticed your Cranberry Macaroons which I'd not seen before so had to give them a try. Have to say as per usual with Mrs Crimble's, I've not been disappointed. Yummy, moist and can really taste the cranberries. Well done on this new product."