Cheese Crackers

Hot Chilli Cheese Crackers

Hot Chilli Cheese Crackers, deliciously gluten free cheese crackers with a blast of chilli. Ideal for sharing and party nibbles.

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Tomato and Pesto

Gluten free and wheat free Tomato and Pesto Cheese Crackers. Great tasting just as they are or a delicious accompaniment for your favourite dips. Dig into houmous, cottage cheese or sour cream for a Mediterranean inspired feast. 

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Rosemary and Onion Cheese Crackers

Our delicious, crisp Cheese Crackers with Rosemary and Onion, gluten free and wheat free. Enjoy these with goat's cheese, mild soft cheeses or simply on their own for a satisfying snack. 

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Original Cheese Crackers

Original Cheese Crackers, gluten free and wheat free. The perfect accomopaniment to a cheese board and also delicious in their own right as a snack. 

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We love cheese and we love crackers! Crispy, crunchy, baked not fried and so deliciously gluten-free. Go on and share the love.

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