Cakes and Biscuits

For anyone with a sweet tooth, we've got everything from sumptuous gluten free brownies to mouth watering macaroons.

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Our Other Products

home bake mixes

You asked us to help make things at home and Angela's come up with a brilliant range of simple and totally reliable mixes that do just that.

savoury snacks

You asked us for some savoury treats and so we came up with a tasty range of crackers, rice cakes and corn cakes

non gluten cakes

Our range of non gluten-free cakes includes Dutch Apple Cake, Dutch Fruit loaf and Stem Ginger Cake - mmmm delicious

pasts with sauce

Now you can enjoy authentic Italian Pasta with Sauce in 10 minutes. Simply add water and prepare on the hob or using a microwave.

cereal bars

Baked crispy oat bars in three fruity flavours. Delicious high fibre chewy bars that fill a gap without the fat or calorie compromise.