Tamsin's Taste Test

Tamsin's Taste Test


Wednesday night is Dinner Club in our house! It’s one of the few nights a week there’s NO netball. So there's a group of us old timers that like to get together and hang out. We usually alternate going round to different places, and this week it was my turn to do the hosting. Now I think I've mentioned before, I'm a terrible cook. So I always have a mad panic when I'm in charge. I decided (well actually, Jamie my 2 and a half year old daughter) decided that she wanted her favourite; tomato pasta for dinner. So I figured I’d get Mrs Crimble’s Tomato and Mediterranean Herb Pasta with Sauce to help me out.


Jo Vann from Team Bath headed over as well as Rach Dunn and Naomi Taylor from Surrey Storm, and I got to play chef in the kitchen. Between all the netball gossip, Disney movies and dancing with Jamie, I decided to run a taste test on the girls to see if they could tell that what I was about to serve them was gluten free….


Now Mrs Crimble’s taste tested over 10,000 samples at the BBC Good Food Show last year and 100% of people sampled said they couldn't tell that they tasted any difference between non-gluten free. So being as competitive as always, I wanted to see whether this lot could tell the difference! Oh I filmed them too - have a look and see how they got on…



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