I moved into my new house last weekend and in true Tamsin style, there are still boxes and bags everywhere and of course, no fridge or washing machine and no food in the cupboards! However whilst assembling another IKEA cupboard in the middle of the night I managed to stumble across my Mrs Crimble’s goody box. Honestly there wasn't a lot left, however the new gluten free Pasta with Sauce and my ever reliable microwave kept me going so thank you!

The rest of the box, well that didn't last long! Of course my faves, the Choc Macaroons were first to go, and the others were helped on their way by my many baller friends. The Surrey Storm lot were quite gutted though, the minute they saw I’d been appointed Mrs Crimble’s Brand Ambassador, they asked me what they were getting, so next time I'll be sure to feed them all first.

Player Coach

When you're working with a team, it's always important you adapt to everyone's needs both on and off the court. I'm always asked how I manage to player coach and honestly, the coaching side for me is the bit I find the easiest. From managing schedules, to giving honest feedback and attempting to keep them all happy - it's a tough and challenging job. All players have their own way of doing things and their own habits that you have to adapt to, getting to know them as a person and how they tick is really important.

I've been on tours before with the England squad where we've gone out for team meals and I haven’t been able to eat anything. I've had to sit and watch everyone eat before heading off to find something to eat on my own, luckily I have a few buddies who tag along with me. Honestly, I think they only come for the dessert and that’s not ideal! Knowing that players are fussy, that they like set things before matches, and that they have food intolerances is all part of the job.

Mrs Crimble's has been great for the players that are gluten free in the England squad. They now don't have to worry so much, especially when we’re away on tour. You can often feel like a pain when you're constantly asking for 'special' things, but food during competition is essential so it's another load off the mind. It's difficult to cater for a large group of different needs, but it matters to them so handling this is key.

Remember October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and you can buy the Mrs Crimble's Breast Cancer Now cobranded pack of Choc Macaroons, doing a good deed and eating my favourite treats, enjoy!

Check out a behind the scenes interview with Tamsin at our recent photoshoot - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MP53fsiru7A

Stand by for a special Mrs Crimble’s birthday treat for Tamsin…

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