Sitting in the clean, comfortable and modern lobby of The Royal Hotel in Oran, Algeria, the last 4 days of travelling seems a million miles away.  Many hours in the blistering heat, on airport runways awaiting some additional paperwork before we can start/leave/refuel/eat/use the basic toilets or find food etc. is now a distant memory.

On the plus side, the flying has been fantastic! Rivers, lakes, sand dunes, and mountains make this one of the most dramatic and beautiful continents in the world.  The friendliness and helpfulness of all the locals and even the officials has been a great experience.  We always thought that travelling up the west side of Africa would be the most interesting and challenging portion of our journey.  We were right!

Awaiting a trip to the airport from our hotel, we receive a message that immigration officials in Oran have lost our passports.  You surrender them upon entry and they are (normally!) returned upon departure, but we’re confident we’ll sort this out at some point today.

After flying across the Mediterranean, we have decided to change our flight plan.  A series of weather fronts sweeping over Western Europe and the UK means poor flying conditions so we have abandoned initial plans to land in France, instead opting for a shorter hop into Spain.

At the time of writing this, the transport has just arrived so we are off to find our passports and depart as soon as possible whilst the weather window is still open to return to Europe.

During their travels, Bill and Des are aiming to raise a staggering £100,000 in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign.

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