New Year, New Me!

New Year, New Me!

Happy New Year ‘ballers!

2016 is set to the biggest season for netball ever, and it certainly feels that way already! After a very netball-free Christmas and New Year it was straight back to business from the 2nd Jan. It started with a preseason coaching camp for Stamford High School at the Surrey Sports Park, followed by a trip to Loughborough with the Storm girls to take on the England squad as they finalise their preparations for Australia later this month. Then Tuesday was spent in Sky Sports HQ promoting netball month and the launch this season. Phew!

So with all that going on I haven't even attempted to crack on with my resolutions, the main one this year being to get fit and healthy! Sounds ridiculous as only 6 months ago I would have said I was an athlete, but since the retirement I've realised that I'm going to have to completely rethink how I eat and train. I guess over the years playing has meant that I train without thinking and have pretty much always ate what I wanted. Since returning from World Cup in August, I have only done 3 sessions, and although it's been nice to give the body a break, now the reality of trying to fit in work, travel and being a mum means gym time falls way down the priority list.

However all is not lost and I am so grateful to Mrs Crimble’s right now. I'm working on a completely different mind-set, I had a major clear out of the kitchen cupboards, and I'm starting to desperately change some recent habits. Starting with my snacking... Biscuits are gone, and I've switched to the Mrs Crimble’s Gluten Free… and Good For Me Cereal Bars, which I love! They are so much better for me as they’re low in calories and still tasty. Crisps are also out the window, replaced with the delicious Mrs Crimble’s Rice Cakes – available as Chocolate coated or Yoghurt coated. I still need that crunch! The 2016 plan is to start with a couple of things at a time and build up, and so far so good!

The timing couldn't be better as the Vitality Netball Superleague kicks off at the end of the month. I'll be on the road with Sky Sports and Storm, trying to break old eating habits. When you’re travelling all day and then commentating or doing analysis at the games you often load up the sugar to keep you going. This season however I'm going well prepared. I have plenty of other options this year with my Mrs Crimble’s stash. The Cheese Bites range as well as the Chocolate coated Rice Cakes will no doubt go down a treat. It's a real laugh working at the games with all involved at Sky and sharing out the goodies is part of it, I'm guessing this year my offerings will be well received!

Finally, January also bought with it my testimonial match. When Storm said they wanted to do a testimonial for me I was so honoured, but also I guess a little overwhelmed and unsure. I suppose it's because I wasn't sure what the reaction would be like. I don't think there has been a netball testimonial before and there are so many players out there (lots who are playing on Saturday) that deserve one. I'm hoping as a knock on from this one, we will see many more of them! I also shouldn't have worried, the response was been amazing, tickets sold out in 12hrs and all the players I asked were really keen to be involved. I wanted to give the money away to charity so I picked Shooting Star Chase, which is just an incredible children's charity in Surrey. I get a little emotional just thinking about it, for the last 22 years all I've known is playing this amazing sport that I love and it's all come to an end. But what better way to finish than to do it with some of my best friends, team mates, sisters, and Storm fans. But it’s not the end, simply a new chapter - 2016 is going to be special and the best year yet!

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