Happy Crimble's Christmas

Happy Crimble's Christmas

The countdown for Christmas is finally here, December has arrived and I feel like I can start getting in to the spirit! I'm usually a ‘week before’ kind of person, not because I don't love it, but usually I have way too much to be doing on and off the court, so it gets a bit last minute. However this year, mainly because of Jamie, I’m trying to get super organised, so we'll see how that turns out.

What has helped loads is my Mrs Crimble's delivery which means I always have some sort of goodies lying around in the house. Perfect for when people just ‘pop round’ which is one my favourite parts of Christmas. The plan is to get the tree up and the cards written this week so when people start heading over, it'll be all ready. I'm expecting to have my nephews, parents, pregnant best friends, team mates and Jamie's friends over in the next few weeks so it's going to be busy.

As this is the first Christmas in my new house, I have grand visions of having a movie-esque style Christmas, I’m thinking mulled wine, fire on, twinkle lights, reindeer onesie, whilst scoffing the delicious new Choc Macaroons with Stem Ginger and Cheese Straws from Mrs Crimble’s. However I did demolished a pack of Cheese Straws whilst sat in traffic on the M25, so will maybe just stick to the sweet stuff!

Presents are the next job, I've written my list this year and for once it has actual things on it! It’s a real mix of practical things for the house and of course a few treats. I've asked for a new rucksack, as now I’ve retired from playing it'll be the first year without a team one, the things I’ll miss… My favourite part is buying presents for everyone else.

Heading back to Leicester and spending time with the family over Christmas is always special, I usually end up getting my nephews the most annoying presents, gooey Louie and a Nerf gun was on last year’s list, needless to say, their parents weren't so impressed, but the boys and I had lots of fun!

Now I’m not proud of this, but I’m not the best or the most adventurous cook in the world, so the Christmas dinner will not be done by me. However, I usually offer something to the mix, so this year I’m going to offer up my stuffing expertise because I can highly recommend the Mrs Crimble’s Home Bake Sage and Onion Stuffing Mix, which on the packet says 'really easy to use' which means even I can't mess it one up! I’ll never forget the year my Mum tried to give us ‘luxury stuffing’ which resulted in currants floating around in my gravy. Not cool.

So if you want to get your hands on the wonderful Mrs Crimble’s range, there are some fab new products which are just perfect for Christmas, then keep your eyes open, on my days out with Jamie I see them everywhere, in Garden centres, play zones, delis and independent stores. Totally worth a try. Yum.

Merry Christmas Crimbler’s and ‘Ballers, hope you have a great New Year!

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