Entry 8: Cameroon Calling

Sitting here in Principe, awaiting for our entry permit into Douala, Cameroon, the weather has changed from blue skies to heavy rain and thunderstorms. Not ideal flying conditions, however if we are going to be marooned anywhere on this trip, then this island is the place of choice.

We finally head north again, firstly to Douala, Cameroon, then onto North East Chad. The capital of Chad is N’Djamena. Upon arriving here it is reported that the Chad government, supported by a multinational force, are undertaking an extensive military operation in preparation for dealing with the local Boko Harem insurgency. We ponder upon the wisdom of entering such an area of conflict however our choices are very limited as the need for pre-arranged fuel supplies is a very important consideration. With just over 3,000 miles to travel over West Africa and the Sahara Desert, this final leg appears to be the most challenging so far.

We are told that if we stay here a further night that the hotel only has one spare room left for us all to use - this will bring a new sense of togetherness to our small team!

Next report from hopefully further north in our adventure…

During their travels, Bill and Des are aiming to raise a staggering £100,000 in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign.

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