BILL AND DES'S SAFARI Entry 1 Thursday 15 January 2015

BILL AND DES'S SAFARI Entry 1 Thursday 15 January 2015

First Leg: Chester, UK – France – Italy – Heraklion, Crete (1,600 miles)

Tuesday 13 January 2014

We leave a very cold and windswept Chester in the early morning of Tuesday 13 January 2015 for ‘somewhere’ in France. I say ‘somewhere’ because our first landing and refuelling place was very dependent on wind direction. As it was 60 knots from our right hand side at 11,000 feet, it was looking like somewhere in mid-France. Whilst travelling above France, the wind changes direction and strength so we decide to make our first stop in Nice – having covered around 700 miles.

After a quick turnaround, a refuel and some particularly soggy French baguettes, we set off once more for Foggia in Mid East Italy. All good so far with some great views of the Loire river, and the snow-capped Alps clearly visible in the distance. Not quite enough snow for skiing! Flying over Corsica and on to Naples we looked fit to arrive in Foggia about 10 minutes before the aerodrome closed for the night. As it turned out Naples air traffic called us and said it was already closed. So much for believing the Italian reports….. With limited options, running low on fuel, and darkness setting in…. we decided to divert to Naples for the night.

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Leaving bright and early the following morning at 10.00 am after completing all the paperwork, we took off in bright blue Mediterranean conditions. A fantastic flight down to Heraklion with big snow covered Greek mountains and blue skies - a stunning coastline. Weather great, until..., Heraklion. 30 miles out and big dark thunderclouds, not good for a small plane!

After a bumpy ride into the airport we are met by a very friendly Greek official, we were very impressed by their helpfulness. Now we start to finalise everything for the next stop in Egypt.

Thanks everyone for your generous donations to date in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign. I am delighted to report that we are over halfway to reaching our fundraising target.

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