Have you tried our recently launched NEW slices? 

There are two delicious gluten free flavours:

Lemon Slice - A delicious gluten free light lemon sponge cake layered with a tangy lemon flavoured filling and topped with icing. A refreshingly light and tangy bake for everyone to enjoy.

Country Fruit Slice - A light, moist delicately spiced fruit cake with raisins, cranberries and apricots on a crisp pastry base.  A delicious and satisfying gluten free tea time treat.

Some recent feedback:

“The main packaging as always is gorgeous.  It’s fun and bright but doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb, nor does it have free from plastered on the front.  Instead, it simply says in a small symbol ‘Deliciously gluten free’.  I love this as it’s subtle but gets the message across well, without alienating non-coeliacs.”

Coeliac Delight, October 2014

“These cakes looked so appealing and I was really impressed with their texture.  A lot of the time cakes are obviously gluten free by their crumbly nature, but these didn’t fall apart at all.”

Gluten Free Blogger, October 2014

“Todd has always been a fan of fruit slices.  He adores fruit cake and I have to tell you these did NOT disappoint.  They were composed of an incredibly moist cake type filling packed with raisins, cranberries and apricots, lightly spiced and stuffed full of just enough fruit to make them more-ish... and those sugar nibs on top... scrumptious... but here is why they differ from other slices.  There is a crisp pastry like bottom which we both found very appealing!  They were well flavoured and didn’t taste artificial as some gluten free goodies are wont to do.. all in all we gave them two thumbs up!”

These lemon slices were my favourite of the two however. Once again the cake was quite moist and well flavoured, not overpoweringly lemon flavoured, just right with a tangy lemon filling atop the cake, and a tasty lemon glaze on top of that, so you get triple lemon bang for your taste enjoyment.  There was just enough tang and sweet to satisfy... very more-ish I would say.  In short they were quite lovely!  I gave these a two thumbs up as well!

I think of all the gluten free goodies out there Mrs Crimble’s seems to have mastered the right balance between offering the consumer something that is gluten free, but also acceptably tasty.  You don’t feel like you are being deprived when you eat them... in fact to me they always taste a treat! From where I’m sitting that’s a good thing.”

The English Kitchen, October 2014

These two new flavours are available NOW and stocked in good food retailers nationwide.  Each flavour is available in packs of four slices, and individual single serve portion packs – perfect to enjoy on the go! 

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