New Oat Flapjacks!

New Oat Flapjacks!

In our newsletter we announced the launch of our Oat Flapjack range. These deliciously gooey Flapjacks are baked using gluten-free oats and make an excellent treat to enjoy with a cup of tea! The Mixed Berry flavour can already be found in The Cafe at Debenhams, and are proving to be a real success. There has been excitement in the office today with the arrival of the Buttery and Choc Chip flavours in their stylish new display cases. We will shortly be announcing where you can find these flavours so keep checking back and ‘Like’ our Facebook page to be the first to hear! 


Sharon Peeler

Looking forward to finding out where to buy your flapjacks as I enjoy all of your other products so much.

02 December 2012, 18:34
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