Mrs Crimble's November Competition

Mrs Crimble's November Competition


Win a brand new Kindle Fire HD!

This November we are giving away an amazing Kindle Fire HD and lots of Mrs Crimble’s goodies! All you need to do is head to our Facebook page and click on the ‘Win Stuff’ tab - good luck!



That would be great for Christmas! Either prize to be honest lol.

05 November 2012, 11:04
Madalaine Collins

To win this would be a dream come true as I have always wanted one but with tight purse strings it does'nt happen.

26 November 2012, 17:12

Is this head against tummy?

26 November 2012, 17:17
sally hall

wow this would make my christmas!

26 November 2012, 17:32
susan walsh

top prizes from a top company ...Mrs Crimbles my favourites:)

26 November 2012, 17:33
angela smith

it would be so nice to win some thing and to have a treat

26 November 2012, 17:33
Bernice Paterson

My husband always has your Crimble products in Cafes as they are Gluten free and he is a Coeliac sufferer !

26 November 2012, 17:37
elaine walsham

Reading and eating, 2 of my favourite things.

26 November 2012, 17:38
helen welsh

love these prizes any one of them would be gratley welcomed in my home for christmas

26 November 2012, 17:54
Anna Butler

Never Had a Mrs Crimbles before - what have I been missing?

26 November 2012, 18:18
sheena wright

haven't heard of Mrs Crimble is it good

26 November 2012, 18:34

I don't use Facebook so I guess I'm excluded from entering?

26 November 2012, 18:36
Carol Shepherd

A Crimbles Crimbo !! What could be better :)

26 November 2012, 21:44
Ivy Wetherilt

I love Mrs crimble, just finished my choc macarons limited to one a day not easy for me to get

26 November 2012, 23:24
Sandra Goodley

The goodies box sounds and looks scrummy. Something to enjoy without a tummy upset. Mrs crimbles products are fab

27 November 2012, 08:57

Sadly, competition not available to customers who are not on facebook!

27 November 2012, 10:12
Susan Ellison

wow,what a fantastic prize,love Mrs crimble's products,i will be stocking up for Christmas,i will have to hide them though.

27 November 2012, 11:26
Louise Walton

Happy days :)

28 November 2012, 11:11
kate hanrahan

would love to win one of these. they look nice items to win

03 December 2012, 11:14
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