Flapjack Listings

Flapjack Listings


New listings for our Oat Flapjacks!

Our deliciously gooey gluten free Oat Flapjacks are available in three flavours; Choc Chip with real chocolate pieces, Mixed Berry packed with cranberries, blueberries, apricots and sultanas, and classic Buttery. The Flapjacks are baked using gluten free oats and make an excellent treat to enjoy with a cup of tea!

We have had a great initial response and you can now find these delicious treats in Tesco, Nisa, Budgens and Debenhams Cafe's. 


Jan Buckley

Ooooh these look really delicious I would love to try some, unfortunately we only have a Sainsburys local to us and as I am disabled and confined to a wheelchair it is very difficult to get to these other places, none of which are anywhere near us :(, perhaps they will be stocked in Sainsburys soon, I can only hope that this is possible, I am on a strict gluten free diet as any gluten at all causes me to become very unwell. I love Mrs Crimble's products, they are very tasty, the quality is obvious straight away. Thank you for expanding your range of these wonderful products, it is so nice to be able to have a treat along with the rest of the family when they are eating cakes and biscuits etc.

Sweet regards Jan x

17 May 2013, 20:43

Well, in such a case come to the restaurant I work in (Firefly near Norreport). We've got a glteun free, raw pizza, which against all odds tastes really good. And I'm not a fan of raw food, so you can trust my opinion, I'm not biased, health freak:)

25 July 2013, 18:50
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